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Why Has Adam’s Wheel Cleaner Been A Fan Favorite?

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It’s The Ultimate Wheel Cleaning Formula

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner is extremely effective in removing stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels. This thicker, more viscous formula clings to wheel surfaces and allows the European-derived formula to melt away the stubborn brake dust commonly left behind by many of today’s high-performance braking systems.

Safe On Most Finishes

This product dissolves metallic brake contamination on contact, and although incredibly effective, still remains pH neutral!

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner is safe on factory clear coated, factory powder coated, factory painted wheels & high-performance brakes.

Tough On Brake Dust & Metallic Contamination

With active cleaning agents and advanced surfactants, this formula is perfect for cleaning away the worst, most baked-on brake dust commonly found in the barrel of your wheels. Simply spray on, allow the cleaner to activate, and then agitate using a wheel brush or wheel woolie.

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Adam’s Wheel Cleaner, as with any wheel cleaner, should never be sprayed onto a hot surface. Always allow wheels to completely cool before cleaning. USE COMMON SENSE: If you will be using Wheel Cleaner for the first time on your wheels be sure to test a small area first to check for any unusual or unexpected results. The active ingredient in Adam’s Wheel Cleaner does produce a slight odor as its working. This is normal and will quickly dissipate.

It is also important to note that Adam’s wheel cleaner may not be safe on anodized raw aluminum, polished aluminum wheels, and aftermarket bare metallic wheels. If you are not sure, send us a message or try our Eco Wheel Cleaner!

Why Does It Change Color?

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Dissolves Contamination On Contact

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate product for removing metallic contamination from your wheels. This thicker, more viscous formula clings to your wheel surfaces, allowing it to dissolve the harsh brake contamination for an easy rinse and streak-free finish. Equipped with a unique raw material that targets surfactants and the color-changing formula that targets brake dust, Adam’s Wheel Cleaner lets you know its active and working by turning to a deep purple.

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Simply spray on, allow the cleaner to activate, and then agitate using one of Adam’s soft-bristle wheel brushes or other wheel cleaning tools (sold separately).

Wheel & Tire Detailing

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What Accessories Do You Need?

When you perform your routine car wash, it is always best to start with your wheels & tires first.

Although Adam’s Wheel Cleaner is highly effective in cleaning the shoes of your vehicle, you must compliment it with other car detailing products for best results.

A basic wheel wash kit, you should at the very least include a wheel brush, wheel woolie, tire brush, tire cleaner, tire dressing applicator & a tire dressing.

You Need An Effective Tire Cleaner

Brown tires are all too common and will make your newly cleaned wheels look dingy. A specialized tire cleaner can remove the harsh oxidation from the rubber on your tires. Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner is highly effective in restoring your tires back to black. It also has an added bonus of targeting mold release agents & removing antioxidants out of rubber. Once cleaned, you are now ready to apply your favorite tire dressing.

Finish Up With Tire Shine

A thorough tire cleaning job will enhance the longevity of Adam’s Tire Shine or VRT Dressing. These two products give give you two different shine option that both have SIO2 tire protection. Adam’s Tire Shine gives you a rich wet look, while Adam’s VRT will give your tires a matte finish.

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