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no sling no grease long lasting even on mercedes tires works well on off road tire

A Crowd Favorite For Many Reasons!




No Sling & High Gloss

We know, achieving high gloss without slinging is difficult. But, we love challenges like that, and we nailed it with this Tire Shine.

Give Your Tires A Rich Wet Look

Give your tires that lustrous deep shine– intended for customers wanting to achieve that rich, wet look. Adam’s Tire Shine is a silicone-based, sprayable tire dressing that is designed to lay evenly and dry to the touch in minutes

Smell Matters Too

Smells like bananas, because the shine and longevity of this product is bananas.

tire shine car guys chemical guys wheel cleaner tire cleaner detailing brush foam cannon foam gun

Why SiO2 in Tire Shine?

SiO2 is a colorless crystalline compound ingredient that you find in synthetic forms of ceramic paint protection materials. When applied, it creates a hardened layer of protection against the elements. With the given success of how well SiO2 protects against the elements and some of the best chemistry in the game, we were able to successfully use this technology in our Tine Shine! The newly enhanced formula contains a silica-infused formulation, intended for longer-lasting results, protecting the clarity of your tires, & easy tire cleaning. – Expect 2-3 weeks of protection per application!

The Process Of Applying Tire Shine

rubber tire cleaner

spray on tire for shine

spray on hex grip pro applictor

ik sprayer rag foaming multi garden water pump compression air pressure gun cannon

Use An Effective Tire Cleaner

First, make sure the tire is cleaned with a good tire brush matched with an effective cleaner. Adam’s has several options that can perform the job with superb results, such as our Tire & Rubber Cleaner, Tire & Wheel Cleaner, or our Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner.

Spray On Tire & Applicator

Next, simply spray the outer tread blocks with a light mist of our Tire Shine onto a dry tire and dressing applicator.

Apply Dressing To Tire

Use the applicator to apply a thin even layer across the tread block and the face of the tire

Admire The Look

The newest formula allows the product to dry in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to get back on the road with a fresh set of shoes!


Amazing Results With Every Use!

Adam’s Tire Shine is designed for use on a washed, decontaminated and fully dried rubber or plastic surface that is cool to the touch. Tire Shine is a simple, user-friendly tire and rubber dressing that gives tires, plastic bumpers, hood cowls, mirror caps, bed rails, or door seals a rich, glossy appearance without the worry of run-off, sling, or fading when properly applied. This sprayable formula can be used on large off-road tread blocks, standard tread blocks, and even low-profile tread block tires. This product can also be used on exterior plastic and trim components.

professional work on your cars tires by adams polishes by guys chemicals

We Always Prefer Quality Over Quantity

When Adam’s Pitale founded Adam’s Polishes, he wanted to create a detailing culture that changed the way people cared for their vehicles. Adam’s objective was to take what use to be considered a chore, simplify the process, and make car care enjoyable for everyone!

When you receive an Adam’s product, you are getting a premium product that has gone through an extensive and rigorous development process. Adam’s products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes. Since 2000, Adam’s Polishes has obsessively researched, tested, and sourced only the highest quality ingredients and products available. With each chemical, we do everything in our power to formulate the perfect ratios to bring out the best in your vehicle.

We constantly reevaluate and test our blends to ensure that we are offering you the most technologically advanced and safe products available. Adam’s Polishes is dedicated to bringing you the best cleaners, towels, accessories, waxes, and coatings to outshine and outlast any product you’ve used on your vehicle.

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128 fl. oz (Gallon), 16 fl. oz, 640 fl. oz (5 Gallon), Combo, Refill Kit


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