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Product Description

Clean Tires With Adams Tire and Rubber Cleaner

Step 1: CLEAN

Clean surfaces prior to application with Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner, or Wheel & Tire Cleaner and a Tire Scrub Brush. This step helps to degrease, as well as remove old contaminants & dressings from the surface.

Apply Adam's Graphene VRT to your Vinyl Rubber and Trim

Step 2: APPLY

Put Adam’s VRT onto an Adam’s VRT Block or an Adam’s Grey Microfiber Applicator Pad. Apply more to applicator as needed. Work to level the product evenly across the surface using broad strokes and light pressure. For tires, work into the treads, face, lettering & tire details using the applicator.

Wipe Away Excess Graphene VRT Using a Towel

Step 3: WIPE

Allow the dressing to penetrate and dry for 10-15 minutes and wipe down any excess using an Adam’s Edgeless Utility Towel and ensure no product was left on unintended surfaces such as rims and paintwork.

Simple Steps To Extend Your Vehicles Life

Graphene VRT Protects Vinyl Rubber and Tires. Dry To Touch. Easy To Apply

Graphene VRT Is Next Level Detailing Technology Thats Easy For Everyone To Use

Graphene VRT has been formulated to contain reduced graphene-oxide ceramic resins giving you the power to easily add a layer of protection over your vehicles Trim, Vinyl, and Rubber parts. Graphene VRT restores and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts with a brand new look and brilliant shine. This unique product is blended with proprietary Graphene Ceramic technology to create a liquid trim sealant for use inside or outside any vehicle. The water-based formula nourishes dried-out and sun-faded parts to rejuvenate a deep-black new appearance with a brilliant shine. This new technology repels the harsh UV light and extreme heat that damages, cracks, and fades plastic and rubber parts. Restore a brand-new appearance to your ride. Graphene VRT finishes dry to the touch, and will not attract dirt or dust so your ride will continue looking its best for longer.

Has Graphene Ceramic Resins No No No No
Easy To Apply
Made In The USA
Purpose Shine and Protect Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Protect Your Tires Shine Your Tires Shines Vinyl, Rubber and Trim Protects, and Increases Depth and Clarity to All Surfaces Generates a Highly Glossy and Hydrophobic Surface

What Makes Graphene VRT Different?

You wont find another product like this containing Graphene Ceramic Resins. Naturally, one direct comparison many will make is Graphene Tire Dressing and Graphene VRT – how are they different? Much of the difference is related to details “under the hood” – what is the ratio of the different silicone fluids, what polymers and resins are included or missing, how the emulsions are built for their intended purpose – but the largest difference is obviously the viscosity. The two formulations are made to suite different purposes in the detailing process. Graphene VRT won’t sling once allowed to dry and properly cure. Leaving excess product on the surfaces and not leveling the dressing may result in unwanted sling onto vehicle once moving or an uneven appearance on plastic trim.

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